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May. 24, 99

To: Los Angeles Area DB2 Users Group Members

The next meeting of the Los Angeles Area DB2 User Group will be on Thursday, June 3, at the Sequoia Conference Center in Buena Park. Directions: The Sequoia Conference Center is located at 7530 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA. Telephone is (714) 670-9252. It is one block north of the 91 Freeway at the Beach Boulevard exit (same exit as for Knott’s Berry Farm). Coffee will be served at 8:30 am; the presentations will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at about 12:00.

Program: The June program will consist of two presentations.

Presentation #1: Migrating Data between DB2, UDB, Oracle, SQL Server, Informix and Sybase

In this era of multiple RDBMSs from multiple vendors, care must be taken if the data or meta-data is being migrated from one database to another. This presentation includes a discussion of some of the significant differences between databases and their consequences. Critical success factors in a heterogeneous data movement strategy are outlined. Key items include:
* Varying Data Types and Attributes
* Affect of Varying Database Limits
* Terminology - Same Concept, Different Words
* Syntactic and Semantic Differences in SQL Dialects
* Differences in Code Pages and Database "Catalogs"

Presentation #2: Archiving Production Data in a DB2 Environment

At the time application developers are designing their databases and building their business applications, it is rare that they plan for how production database growth will be managed. When the realization hits that archiving and purging is needed, it is usually late in the game, when the problem of "over grown" databases and degraded performance are upon them.

This presentation surveys the challenges in deploying an archiving strategy, and what facilities you should expect to find in a broad-based solution. That is, we will discuss the different ways in which companies would want to employ an archiving strategy (e.g. having data available in an alternate database, housing data in a tape library, etc.). We will also discuss the facilities needed in a tool or toolset to enable the effective implementation of an archiving strategy (e.g. extract and prune, selective restore, etc.).

Presenter: Don Cohen has worked in the data processing industry for over twenty years. He initially worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories on Unix-based telecommunications systems. He next moved to Applied Data Research where he managed the development of IDEAL and PC-IDEAL, 4GLs with their own IDEs. For the last ten years he has been VP of R&D at Princeton Softech, as well as one of it's founders. Princeton Softech is a supplier of relational database tools. Don has presented at many conferences including IDUGs in North American, Europe and the Pacific Rim.


Upcoming Meetings:

Following a long-standing tradition, we will be dark in July in observance of the 4th of July holiday.

At our August meeting, we will have a presentation on the new DB2 Control Center.


I look forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting.

Tom Glass
President -- Los Angeles Area DB2 User Group


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