Meeting Information for May 2005

The next meeting of the LAADB2UG will be on Thursday, May 5, 2005. The meeting will be held at the IBM facilities in Costa Mesa, Room 221.

Driving Directions:  The IBM Facility is located at 600 Anton Boulevard in Costa Mesa, CA 92626. The telephone number there is (714) 438-6200. Please be advised that there is a parking fee if you use the garage. You may park across the street at the mall and walk across the overpass to save the parking fee.  Click here for directions and a map.

Meeting Schedule

8:30   - Doors open for coffee and refreshments.
9:00   - IBM comments and announcements
9:15   - DB2 Version 8 SQL and Performance
            Enhancements for z/OS
10:30 - Bio Break and Networking.
10:45 - DB2 Version 8 SQL and Performance
            Enhancements for z/OS

    Sheryl M. Larsen of SMLI

Sheryl M. Larsen is president and founder of Sheryl M. Larsen, Inc.(, a firm specializing in Advanced DB2 Consulting and Education. She is an internationally recognized researcher, consultant and lecturer, specializing in DB2 and is known for her extensive expertise in SQL. Sheryl has over 19 years experience in DB2, has published many articles, several popular DB2 posters, and co-authored a book, DB2 Answers, Osborne-McGraw-Hill, 1999. She was selected as a keynote speaker for the IDUG Asia Pacific 2002 Conference and is frequently asked to keynote DB2 tool vendor’s world wide events. She was voted into the IDUG “Speaker Hall of Fame” in 2001 and was the Executive Editor of the IDUG Solutions Journal magazine 1997-2000. Currently, she is President of the Midwest Database Users Group (, and a member of IBM’s DB2 Gold Consultants program.

PRESENTATION :  DB2 Version 8 SQL and Performance Enhancements for z/OS
DB2 Version 8 for z/OS SQL and Performance enhancements, all 26, will be discussed in terms of application impact including stage 1 unlike data types, 2M statement length, multi-row INSERT, multi-row FETCH, scalar fullselect, index improvements, dynamic scrollable cursors, GROUP BY _Expression, Materialized Query Tables (MQTs), common table expressions, recursive SQL, INSERT with SELECT, parallel sort, multiple DISTINCT clauses, sequences, and many, many more.





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