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Meeting Information for December 2003

The November meeting of the LA Area DB2 User Group will be held on December 5, 2003 at the Sheraton Cerritos. The meeting room will open at 8:30am for coffee and refreshments with the first presentation beginning at 9:00.

Driving Directions: The Sheraton Cerritos is located at 12725 Center Court Drive, Cerritos CA 90703. Telephone is (562) 809-1500. It is one block south of the 91 Freeway in the Cerritos Towne Center. Click here for directions and a map.

PRESENTER: Susan Lawson
Susan Lawson is an internationally recognized consultant and lecturer with a strong background in system and database administration, and is a principal with YL&A.

In the past, she has been an IBM Data Sharing advocate where she supported a variety of large DB2 customers. She provided technical expertise for migration to DB2 Data Sharing in a Parallel Sysplex environment, as well as troubleshooting performance problems during post-implementation. She currently works with several clients to help develop, implement and tune some of the world's largest and most complex DB2 databases.

Her other activities have included authoring articles, presenting at user group meetings (where she has won best speaker awards), and providing technical editing for trade journals. She is an IBM GOLD Consultant for DB2 and S/390, and is an IBM Certified DBA and Application Developer for DB2 UDB Version 7 for OS/390.

She is one of the authors of "DB2 Answers!" published by Osborne/McGraw-Hill, "DB2 High Performance Design and Tuning" published by Prentice-Hall, "DB2 UDB for OS/390 Version 7 DBA Certification Guide" published by Prentice-Hall, “DB2 UDB for OS/390 Version 7 Application Development Certification Guide” and “DB2 UDB V7 Family Reference Guide” published by YL&A.

PRESENTATION:  Version 8 Impacts on Design and Performance

This presentation will cover aspects of Version 8 of DB2 on the z/OS platform and how they will impact design and performance of our DB2 z/OS databases and applications. There are several new constructs in DB2 in the next release such as data partitioned secondary indexes (DPSI) s and table based partitioning that are going to change the way we have performed physical implementations in the past. There are also many new features that will effect of application performance such as materialized query tables, multi-row fetch/insert, sequences and more. There have also been many improvements DB2s usage of indexes. We need to review these features and see how they impact current designs and help us prepare for future designs in order to get the best performance possible from our DB2 applications.

  •  V8 impacts on table design and partitioning

  •  V8 impacts on index design and usage

  •  V8 impacts on application design

  •  Performance issues related to new designs

  •  Revisiting old designs and applying new features to help performance




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