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Meeting Information for December 2001

The meeting will be held on December 6th 2001 at the Sheraton Cerritos. The meeting will start at 8:30 AM and end around noon. The Speaker will begin around 9:15; this is done to give the folks with long commute to have time for coffee and refreshments between 8:30 and 9:15.

Directions: The Sheraton Cerritos is located at 12725 Center Court Drive, Cerritos CA 90703. Telephone is (562) 809-1500. It is one block north of the 91 Freeway at the Beach Boulevard exit (same exit as for Knott’s Berry Farm).


The LAADB2UG is pleased to announce the December meeting and speaker. Several members have expressed interests in the migration, implementation, performance and support of V7. We have designed a sequence of presentations and vendor supported events that will address all the above functions and the tools needed to make it work for both the mainframe and client server environments (NT, UNIX, AIX). It is critical for all of our members to make the effort to attend the monthly meetings to get the most benefit out of these presentations and meet face to face with the fantastic speakers we are bringing to you. To make it easy for all members, the steering committee has decided to go back to Sheraton Cerritos for all of our meetings. So please attend..
The Speaker:

The December Speaker will be Mark Talens. Mark is the IBM DB2 Software I/T Specialist. He is IBM Certified Solutions Expert DB2 UDB V7.1 for Unix, Windows and OS2 and IBM Certified Solutions Expert DB2 UDB OS/390 V6.1. Mark has over  16 years as an IT specialist. Worked with DB2 OS/390 for 13 years Worked for IBM Professional Services (now IGS) Supporting DB2 V1.3 to V2.3 (3yrs) Consulting and Teaching DB2. Consulted as DB2 DBA for 10 years (DB2 V2.3 - V6), Mazda 3yrs,Taco Bell 3yrs, Farmers 1yr, Bergen Brunswig 3yrs. Currently rehired to IBM in 2000 as DB2 Software I/T Specialist on. Distributed platforms (Windows, Unix, OS/2). Supporting Auto Industry. Entertainment Industry, Utilities Industry, Government, Higher Education and DB2 OS/390 Tools.

The Presentation: 

DB2 UDB OS/390 WHAT'S NEW IN V6.1 AND V7.1 This session will cover What's New in DB2 UDB for OS/390 V6.1 and V7.1.This presentation is for customers who are migrating from DB2 V5.1 to V6.1 or V7.1. DB2 V7.1 is the first DB2 Version that allows you to skip a version (V6.1). This presentation is beneficial to both DBA's and Application Developers. DB2 UDB for Windows, Unix, Linux, AIX, SOLARIS, OS/2 Product Overview and Update This session will cover an overview of DB2 UDB on the open system Platforms. Discover the features and functions of the DB2 Family and the latest features of DB2 UDB V7.2.



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